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Robotic Pool Cleaners Perth

Save Time on Maintenance with an Efficient, Reliable and Cost Effective Pool Cleaner

Blue Diamond Pools can supply, install and repair a range of automatic pool cleaners to suit your exact needs.

Keep your pool clean and fresh all year long with an automatic pool cleaner that does the hard work for you. Robotic cleaners can be used in any type of pool and come in a variety of different models to fit your budget. Our automatic pool cleaners in Perth come from trusted Australian brands – so you know you are getting a great product – and they come with a manufacturer warranty for total peace of mind.

Our qualified team will be happy to supply your new pool cleaner onsite. We can show you the full range of products available and help you choose the right one for you. If you need help with operating the device, the team will gladly give you a FREE demonstration of the product in use.

Benefits of Robotic Pool Cleaners

Have you owned a pool for some time? Or do you know someone else who has one? Then you are no doubt aware of how exhausting it can be to clean the pool. Robotic pool cleaners save you time on this laborious task by automating the whole process for you.

Robotic pool cleaners work independently of your pool cleaning equipment to keep the water sparkling fresh. The device operates on a low-voltage electric motor, which is easy to plug-in and drop into the pool straight away. Robotic pool cleaners in Perth run on a specified cleaning cycle and they automatically turn themselves off once the cycle is over.

With no manual supervision, the robotic cleaner’s inbuilt vacuum sucks up all kinds of debris off the surface such as dirt, leaves, algae and other contaminants. All of which is collected in a self-contained bag that can be emptied and reused.

Since robotic pool cleaners remove debris from the surface, less contaminants get into the pool filter and this reduces the workload of the filter itself. Not only does this increase the lifespan of the filter, pump and chlorination system – you save money by reducing your energy usage.

Why Choose us for Robotic Pool Cleaners

Our friendly experts can help you choose a robotic pool cleaner in Perth that suits your specific needs and budget. We offer the best prices direct from the manufacturer and you have peace of mind knowing you are covered by a warranty.

Once we arrive to deliver your automatic pool cleaner in Perth, we can calibrate the device for you onsite and troubleshoot any queries you have about operating the unit.

If you have any questions or concerns about your device, we’re a just a phone call away.

  • Supplied directly to your home or business.
  • Professional installation and setup
  • Ongoing advice and support
  • Covered by manufacturer warranty
  • Best prices direct from the manufacturer

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Keep your pool in pristine condition all year long with an efficient, time-saving and reliable pool cleaner.
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