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Swimming Pool Resurfacing Perth

Restore the Joy of Summer With Pool Restoration, Resurfacing and Repairs

Is the tired old state of your pool becoming an eyesore? It’s never too late to bring life back to your pride and joy. Pool resurfacing in Perth is an affordable and effective way to make the family pool part of your life again.

Blue Diamond Pools Paintings can effectively restore your concrete, fibreglass, marblesheen, quartzon, pebblecrete, or vinyl pool surface with a durable coating and your choice of over 200 premium colours. We provide a personal service to ensure the final outcome blends in perfectly with the existing outdoor features and décor.

If your pool has developed black spots or bubbles, the surface needs repainting or a few broken tiles need to be replaced, the Blue Diamond Pools Painting team has you fully covered for pool restoration in Perth.

  • Huge range of durable LUXAPOOL colours
  • Resurfacing
  • Sand blasting
  • Surface repairs
  • Crack repairs
  • Tile replacement
  • Free onsite inspection and quotes

Arrange a free inspection and quote for pool resurfacing in Perth. Call (08) 6161 2412 and our friendly team will book a suitable day and time for you.

The Importance of Pool Restoration in Perth

Cleaning and maintaining your pool is vital if you want to keep it clean, healthy and usable.

Despite this, the forces of nature do prevail and will cause the pool to degrade in a number of ways. Most pools need a professional restoration at least ever 10-15 years or less if the pool has been neglected.

Without pool restoration in Perth, your pool is at risk of damage caused by:

  • Intense heat and sun cause the paint to peel, flake or fade
  • Sharp objects, footwear or pets tear the pool liner
  • Imbalanced pH and alkalinity levels can seriously damage the pool heating elements, filter and other equipment
  • Algae growth due to not brushing the pool
  • Contaminated water breaches the surface of the fibreglass to form small or large bubbles
  • Top coat layer has broken down and the surface feels rough or coarse
  • Pool shell has cracked or the surface is crazing

All of these factors can greatly reduce the quality and lifespan of your pool which can lead to an expensive repair job later on. Luckily, the team at Blue Diamond Pools Painting have years of experience dealing with these exact swimming pool woes.

Restore the Beauty of Your Swimming Pool

Tired of being reminded of your ageing pool every time you step outside? Bring life back to your treasured outdoor feature with a restoration service.
For a free onsite inspection and quote, call us today on (08) 6161 2412. To request a free call back, fill out the online contact form and a pool resurfacing Perth expert will get back to you.