If your pool has been out of service for a while, and you’re keen to restore it – either for an upcoming summer, to prepare for a new tenant, or to boost your home’s resale value –, this article will show you how to bring your pool back to glory.

First, it’s time to get your hands a little dirty…

Clean the Debris-

Your first step to a healthy and beautiful pool is to clear out unattended debris, including leaves, rubbish, toys, fallen branches, flowers, dirt, bugs, insects, and anything else your filter will not accept. Use either a pool vacuum or skimmer net (or a combination of both) to get the job done right. You may need to skim the pool several times until all the debris is gone. Do the best you can with the time and resources at your disposal.

Scrub the Walls and Floors-

Pool surfaces, when exposed to dirty water for long periods of time, can develop surface imperfections like algae, bacteria, mould, and scuff marks. This damage is not just unsightly but it can also weaken the integrity of the surface, leaving it prone to surface cracks and leaks. The result? A disgusting pool with an expensive repair bill!

To remedy the situation, grab a pool brush. Thoroughly scrub the wall and floor surfaces to remove these imperfections. Don’t be too alarmed if the results aren’t perfect. As long as you can remove the algae, this will preserve the health and beauty of your pool.

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Clean the Filter-

Throughout the course of cleaning, you may need to clean the filter several times, as it will naturally clog up with debris. If you need to clean out the filter, or replace any crucial parts, make sure it is correctly set up again and ready to use. Any loose or faulty parts may compromise the system.

Restore or Replace the Water-

When it comes to pool restoration, there are two possible outcomes:

  • Clean water: After a few rounds of cleaning up and chlorine, the water is clean enough to continue using. Or…
  • Dirty water: Even after several rounds of cleaning, the water is too dirty or murky to ever use again. Looking at the water makes you feel a bit uneasy, which indicates it is not safe to use.

How do you know which situation applies to you?

If you want like to restore the existing water, follow these steps. Purchase a liquid or granular chlorinator. Closely follow the instructions and apply the product to the water. You will need to wait a few days or more for the solution to work its magic until the pool is ready to use again. Don’t just rely on appearance to decide if the water is safe. Purchase a water testing kit, follow the instructions, and test the water for chlorine levels and pH. Make sure the results are accurate so that you know for certain it is safe to proceed.

And, if the results are less than ideal? One way to restore the pool is to drain and replace the water. Although a bit pricey, this approach will ensure your pool is clean and safe to use again.

Check for Leaks-

Water loss is the most common sign of a pool leak, but there other signs to watch out for.

Cracks or falling tile is a tell-tale sign of a leakage. This occurs because the ground is becoming unsettled by the presence of water. You may also discover other warning signs like cracks and tile movement.

A leaking pool may also cause your water bill to suspiciously rise in price, as the auto-fill feature may be working overtime to keep the pool full of water on a regular basis.

Untreated water in a leaking pool will also accelerate the growth of algae. Since water is leaking out, it can disrupt the balance of chlorine levels and pH, resulting in algae growth and discolouration.

If you discover any of these warning signs of a leak, talk to a professional pool restorer. They will inspect the condition of your pool and propose a custom treatment plan while giving you an honest quote.

When to Call the Experts-

Don’t have the time, skill, or resources to restore your pool back to good health? Avoid stress and hassle with a professional pool restoration service that will put your mind at ease.

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Best of all? A sparkling fresh pool that you, your family, and your friends will enjoy for countless seasons.

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