Blue Diamond Pools

Commercial Pool Painting

We provide professional swimming pool painting and renovations for all Commercial pools which include council, strata and resort pools.

Not only does a well-presented and maintained swimming pool look good, but its life is also prolonged by taking care of the existing concrete or fibreglass surface. This can be done by painting and renovating the surface if fading or peeling or ensuring the correct chemicals are applied.

Our Commercial Painting services include:

  • Working out of hours and public holidays plus school term breaks
  • Fibreglass and concrete pool painting
  • Borderline tiling
  • New installs and repairs to skimmer boxes
  • New installs and repairs to pool pumps, filters, chemigem and chlorinators
  • Pool heaters and heat pumps

Our Recent Projects

Whether home, commercial, apartment or public . . . we do it all!

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