Luxapool is Australia’s most trusted brand of pool paints. And for good reason! It’s available in a wide range of colours, long-lasting, durable in the harsh Australian climate, visually stunning for all property types, and smooth to the touch.

For these reasons, families and businesses across the country rely on Luxapool to keep their pools – of all shapes, types and sizes – beautiful and healthy all year round, while keeping chemical usage to a minimum too.

Whether you’re building a new pool from scratch, or maintaining your existing pool, here are 5 reasons why Luxapool is the pool paint of choice for you. And for expert advice from a professional pool painter, contact Blue Diamond Pools.

Huge range of colours –

Regardless of the style and personality of your property, Luxapool comes in a wide variety of sleek, stylish, and contemporary colours. This means you’re bound to find a colour that looks good with your surroundings.

What’s more, if you ever decide to repaint your home or commercial premise later on, then you can easily repaint your pool surface too!

Smooth to the touch surface –

Some pool paints are notorious for leaving behind a rough, scratchy surface. Fortunately, this is not a problem you will ever face with Luxapool! That’s because Luxapool is specially formulated to keep your pool surface sleek, smooth, and gentle.

You will never have to worry about having your clothes caught on a rough patch, or leaving your skin prone to scratches on your feet or knees. Best of all? It’s non-slip too, providing a safe and child-friendly surface.

Looking for more reasons to use Luxapool paint? Contact us for free advice.

Friendly on virtually all pool surfaces –

Luxapool is renowned for its versatility. That means you can achieve a luxurious finish on your pool, regardless of the surface. With the current Luxapool Epoxy range, you can paint it over the following surfaces:

  • Fiberglass
  • Marblesheen
  • Sound old Epoxy coatings
  • Uncoated concrete
  • Pebblecrete/pebbles

If you require a Luxapool Prime Sealer, you can apply this to any suitable marblesheen or pebblecrete/pebble surface. Please keep in mind, you cannot paint Luxapool Epoxy over a Chlorinated Rubber surface.

With so many ways to treat a wide variety of pool surfaces, it’s no wonder that Luxapool is the pool paint of choice for families and business owners across Australia.

Easy to maintain-

For over 45 years, Luxapool has been tested in a variety of climates and locations in Australia. It has been scientifically proven to help resist infestations such as ‘black spots’ so as to keep your pool clean and healthy for longer. It is also highly resistant to the effects of salt water and cleaning chemicals.

This means you can keep up your regular pool maintenance routine, with the confidence that your paint will both look great and stay in pristine condition.

Incredible value for money-

Aside from being highly effective, visually stunning, and easy to maintain, Luxapool offers incredible value for money.

How? When applied with a minimum two coats of Luxapool Epoxy, the paint will have a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years. When applied with three coats, the paint will last for 12 to 15 years.

By investing in a pool paint that has an impressive lifespan, this means you will save time and money in the long term. That’s because you won’t have to worry about paying to have the paint reapplied on a regular basis. You just need to have it professionally painted once, and then keep up your pool maintenance plan.

Do this, and you will enjoy countless summers in your clean, healthy, and beautiful pool.

… and there are your 5 reasons to use Luxapool paint for your next pool project!

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